Why Vote for an Experienced Leader?

Here is one probe that I need to express: is experience enough to justify a position in government? Well, the majority would say a resounding “yes”, while those opposed will either be questioned or persuaded. Experience really builds up the credibility that a candidate should need to establish himself or herself to the public. Since experience gives validity of knowledge of an area of understanding, it is clear why people would side to a man or woman of experience.

For elections, experience gives the edge for a candidate, since he or she is familiar of the system. Years and years of service will truly win the hearts of the people. But in the day and age where standouts come out of nowhere, is it still reliable to vote for a leader of experience?

In any way, experienced people are the most reliable of the business. In a lesson that was taught in college, it was discovered that when it comes for companies to hire personnel, they would prefer candidates with broad experience than candidates with little experience. That is why fresh graduates may have a hard time searching for a job. While it may seem that experienced people can have one foot ahead, fresh candidates in the business have the outgrown potential to be trained and developed. And out of this fresh breed of personnel comes leaders. This only proves how inexperienced people can edge out to the experienced ones.

But despite all the contemporary age changes, experience should not be the solid proof of choosing a leader. Gaining exposure to any area of expertise provides an avenue for one to perfectly map his or her area of expertise. It is not a license; it is a privilege, a privilege that can be shared as a testimony of assurance and trust.

The only problem for experience to get in the way of our choices is how these experiences are treated. Are they just jewelries that are worn? Or seals that are embedded in our attitude? From there comes a solid statement of how a leader should treat their leadership experiences.

All the while, it is still reliable to vote for experienced leaders. But it is better to dissect their credibility, deep inside their systems. Yet, as a lesson for the rest, experience is a lifelong obstacle.



I am a Peterson, a Bosconian, a Lasallian, an ENC Member, a movie buff, a writer, a thespian, an optimist and a servant of God. And I will tell you a story.

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