Why Vote for an Adherent Leader?

Ever known the last time you have heard of the word “malasakit”in anywhere you go? It can be heard in schools, in companies, in churches, in charity organizations, in retailers, in products and their commercials and in customer services. But most of all, it can be heard from the mouths of leaders, especially with political positions.

People mention “malasakit”as a way of opening their assurance of care and trust to be on their hands. It is an advantage for anyone, as it gives a goody-two-shoes reputation that everyone can emulate or idolize. And being a nation that abides in the family system, it should be immediate that “malasakit” is a normalcy.

This is why having the “malasakit” attitude is a trend for leaders, especially for this coming elections. Adherence seems to become a major theme for most political ads. And it should, as empathy is the way to connect to people. If either it is all for vote-grabbing tactics or it is all to show concern to a needy nation, it is clear that adherence is a cash cow. Even if it is clear that “malasakit” is nothing more of a political tactic, should we still count on a leader who shows sympathy?

For all due respect, we need leaders who show the best of adherence. Showing concern for the people still proves that leaders are willing to grant the service that they can best serve to the people. “Malasakit” should not immediately be claimed as an obvious tactic. If there are leaders who want to serve the people, then let them serve in any way they can. It should not always have a shed of politics in it. If it does, it will complicate things more.

Now, this does not mean adherence is an instant loophole to get out of the way to show true leadership. It is the fruits of a well-governed area of coverage. It is not a title that is gained through sap. Not being harsh to any candidate, but the television “malasakit” is a running cliche.

What this country needs are leaders who understand the position they are vying for, who see the situation of every people as a testament to the challenges that will be sought, who still continues the legacy of leadership, with or without a government position, and who will be a role model for other people to do the same. “Malasakit” comes from being a Filipino of worth, helping another Filipino of worth.



I am a Peterson, a Bosconian, a Lasallian, an ENC Member, a movie buff, a writer, a thespian, an optimist and a servant of God. And I will tell you a story.

One thought on “Why Vote for an Adherent Leader?

  1. Good point. Although, in my opinion, it’s better to vote for a candidate whom have presented the platform you believe will help the country. Because, in the end, “malasakit” is just that — “malasakit”. What our country needs is a leader with a clear vision of what our country should be and how to help it better itself.


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