Still Don’t Know Who to Vote?

22 days left before the 2016 Philippine presidential elections and 22 days to pick who is worthy of receiving the highest leadership position in the country. From campaign to campaign, we are continuiconfused.JPGng to establish who are our candidates are before the 9th of May. And after a flurry of paraphernalia, one question still remains in our collective minds: who is the candidate most worthy of being president?

As a standard procedure to make my articles non-biased and professional, I set aside my personal preferences of my ideal choice for president and take liberty of knowing every candidate of choice, from the local to national level. So far, my quest to studying every candidate is uneventful. It took time to learn from their platforms, which, although understandable, are best dictated from their television ads. Thus, until now, I still have no absolute choice who to vote for president.

In my opinion, this is actually a good thing. Not that I am ignorant. It is about not being subjective to a single candidate just because he or she had the qualities fit for our preference. It is truly being fair for others to be deservingly heard of their platforms, programs and prospects from their campaign.

And for this, I suggest for others to do the same thing. The first step on being a wise voter is to learn of your candidates and take a chance to present to the public. So, it is ideal to give consideration to others, even though it is difficult to do. We don’t want ourselves to consider solely to either a sympathy figure or a cool totalitarian or a loyal accomplice or a legacy player or a hot-tempered detractor. We have to consider all. Then, as the moment comes to vote, we will be clear on who is the best person to vote as president. As for keen supporters for their respective candidate, it is your choice on supporting for your candidate but that does not give you the permission to dismiss the rest. Still look upon them with a critical eye.

In the meantime, I will devote more time to explore information from our candidates since their campaigns seemed going smoothly. As for my fellow readers, I can tell that there is a benefit to researching for the candidates. Take even just the briefest time to know your candidate. Our choices require our needed knowledge for this situation/ And as a parting word, I leave you with this quote:

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Therefore, vote wisely.



I am a Peterson, a Bosconian, a Lasallian, an ENC Member, a movie buff, a writer, a thespian, an optimist and a servant of God. And I will tell you a story.

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